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To Tell the Truth... Ethics Unwrapped

By Fred L Fox

Born of a peak experience in 1993, To Tell the Truth... centers on the basic element of humanity — the individual — and why, being the only you, whoever was, is, or will be, you must be important. After all, you're an integral piece of the big picture, which can't be truly complete without you. This alone puts you on the first team. And your life is about you.

To Tell the Truth... deals with:

  • Your relationships — both vital and not, and how to avoid the tendency to replace the vital ones with those less significant
  • How you can help resolve the world's problem(s) simply by returning to the basics — first principles and natural law — believing what you already know and becoming who you really are
  • How to tap into your innate resources to create your own personal belief system and philosophy for right living

Your responsibility to humanity is to be ethical and to act — create — morally. To Tell the Truth... is all about you and your future. It's well worth your time.

You'll find it to be an interesting and profitable reading.

Extreme Ethics

About Fred Fox

Extreme Ethics

StJ Lewis is the pen name of a recovered widower, geologist, entrepreneur, mentor, scholar, writer, photographer, champion rally driver, and jazz accordionist—splitting the best years of his newly-married life between the Arizona desert near Tucson and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

He's an unabashed fan of the individual (including you, snowflake—explained elsewhere). His book is his final recapitulation of personal observations resulting from a life-changing Peak Experience in 1993.

Extreme Ethics
Extreme Ethics

Soon after discovering (the hard way) that he didn't think like an engineer, Lewis moved into the arts and sciences, where his inventiveness and writing abilities found a better fit. He's been thinking and writing creatively about life and living for more than 60-years.

While launching two successful consultancies, he earned an MBA articulating a rational approach to ethics. Finding that a surprisingly few of us have a true grasp of the subject, he set about putting ethics in more accessible terms for those who might profit from it. It turns out that it was simpler than he'd assumed and that everyone benefits.

Lewis left his native New Jersey for Lehigh University and a degree in Geology, starting his profession in the Texas oil patch and moving on to make a few significant mineral discoveries. He's lived and worked in Wyoming, Western Canada, Texas, Mississippi, Maryland, New York, Vermont, Virginia, and Pennsylvania before returning to NJ to build dams and start an independent practice in Engineering/Environmental Geology while building on his extensive environmental expertise.

After seeing their four kids through college, his wife earned her own BA and Master's degrees in order to pursue a career in teaching. Not long afterward, she developed the first of three cancers, requiring that Lewis add caretaker/homemaker to his talents for several years; their 54 years of married life ended in 2008 when his writing began in earnest.

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