Abortion is always unethical. Why? Because it is in opposition to what is, and life IS. And since what IS  must perforce be true, and truth IS, anything other than the truth is false.

“All men are created equal” True or false?

“A fertilized egg is the conception creation of life”, without which humanity is impossible. And since life is truth, life is ethical.

OK. So abortion is unethical. But is it wrong? Well, ethics has always been about what is true, right, and good. It would appear that what’s unethical is wrong, and since abortion is unethical, it should be wrong.

But what if it’s the answer to a problem with no other apparent solution? Is it STILL wrong?

Well, it’s still unethical. But who says you must always be ethical? Nobody. This is where ethics runs afoul of the law. Because ethics is not subject to the law. Ethics is above the law, a given because the truth is a given.

But the fact remains that a woman ought to have the right to deal with her own body as she chooses; after all, it’s her body and hers alone. No one else has that right because no one else ethically has the right to another’s body. If a woman chooses to abort, that’s her decision. But she also must accept the responsibility for that decision. She may choose to be unethical for reasons of her own. But does this mean she is necessarily breaking the law?

It is not the law’s place to judge the ethnicity of something. The law may take it upon itself to judge when life becomes viable and therefore when an abortion takes life by its standard, but that does not mean it is right. A man may not decide what is ethical and what is not, “Ethics is a given. Laws are just the written rules of the society making them.

So, abortion, per se, is wrong. Then why is it a political debate rather than a moral one? And so one-sided (why do Progressives favor it while Conservatives oppose it)? I don’t know. What do YOU think?