It’s a fact that you intuitively already know a lot about ethics. It’s just so basic that you probably never gave it a thought. We aim to have you discover it and put it to work improving your life, and not incidentally the condition of mankind as well.

Ethics is all about TRUTH, a foundation of mankind (a First Principle). Everyone instinctively knows it’s what to do, and it’s not at all difficult. It is our mission to get everyone to do it. Try it. You’ll like it.

By opening ourselves to the metaphysical resources available to every one of us we can blow the lid off mere scientific progress. But first we have to be willing to explore dimensions beyond the mind, and to persuade ourselves that its OK to proceed without the proofs and guarantees demanded by our current notion of science and the groups that dominate our culture. We have to be willing to break free of the self-imposed bonds of the scientific method. And we have to be willing to go it alone. How? Beyond the requirement of some level of maturity, its simple.

Choose, and trust. Stay with the program. Stay with this website. We will try to make it interesting (and we will take suggestions). You’re welcome to take part. No charge

Believe What You Already Know and Become Who You Really Are