The world runs on cause and effect (do something and something happens). My cause was flunking out of one of the best engineering schools in the country. I obviously was not going to be best engineer. A friendly Dean kept me in school by pointing out that I didn’t think like an engineer. I was better at thinking backwards. Geologists work best in reverse. Eureka!! A place in the sun!!

Later, while working toward an MBA I noticed that Business Ethics seemed to be an oxymoron and developed an interest in ethics. That eventually led me into Philosophy, which deals in large part with not finding answers.

Eureka again!!! My thing.

Unfortunately, I’m flunking out of that too, because I am finding answers by working backwards. That’s not a bad thing. Like answering: WHY ARE WE HERE?

We are here to build the world we live in“That is what we do. Each one of us creates our own life as we live it and collectively we build the future. I’ve found that we already know most of what we are looking for. It is just a matter of discovering what is in our brain. We KNOW the truth“It is all around us. Since one can’t know anything that isn’t true (you can’t), then what we know has to be the truth. Forget the other stuff. Maybe this is what philosophy is all about? I’m working on it.

But I DO know a lot about ethics, and that is why I’m here. To save the world. Help me.